Platform Comparison

Looking for suitable platform? Here is the

comparison between other platforms and KISAN

With KISAN, experience the Real Reach
and not just a “passing glance”.

You get only the numbers of 'Live' users. Know the ‘REAL’ audience.
Get the participant's name, location &
verified contact details.
You can't reach them after the session. Start a dialogue even after the session.

Connecting with Participants is easier on KISAN

They need to visit website and you have to
wait for them to reach you.
Just a click on 'Call back' button,
and you will receive real time intimation.

Get the real Audience data, and not just numbers

Poll or survey among
Anonymous audience.
Market Survey among real audiences.
Action can follow.
As you have their contact details.
And their location on Map.

KISAN offers everything you need in the
webinar and much more.


What is the capacity of participants per session?

Zoom Meeting

Up to 100 with free license, Max up to 1,000 depending on plan and large meeting add-on.


Upto 10,000 attendees

Who has better participant engagement tools?

Zoom Meeting

Can chat, send reaction, raise hand


'Raise hand' option is available
No provision for Q & A
Participants can ask questions, and Host can answer them publicly or privately.
No Call back requests
Participant can send the call back request.
No email reminders
Email reminders and in-app notifications. Participant will never miss the event
Conduct Polls and survey
Conduct polls and survey and get their responses right away.

Audio and video sharing facility

Zoom Meeting

All participants can mute/unmute their own audio.
Host can mute/request to unmute participants.
The Host can set all participants to mute upon entry.


Only the Host and panelists can mute/unmute their own audio.
Attendees join in listen-only mode only. The Host can unmute one or more attendees.
All participants can share video.
Only host and panelist can share their video

How convenient is the event registration

Zoom Meeting

Participant need to fill up the form every time.


Just ONE CLICK registration. No need to fill out the registration form.

Registration Reports

Zoom Meeting

Not available


Get the event's registration report, See the participants on the map - from they are joining the event.

Customer Support

Zoom Meeting

24/7 Support


24/7 Support
No dedicated account manager
Dedicated account manager

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